Significant enhancements have been made to the Life Events Bond (LEB) including increasing the investment choice to 27 investment options from the current 8 options.

Andrew Meinel General Manager Financial Services says “KeyInvest has responded to client and financial adviser feedback and given the LEB a significant overhaul to improve client outcomes”. The changes include making automatic increases to regular savings plans (RSPs) available to make sure RSPs keep pace with inflation or to maximise the tax benefits under the 125% rule.

A regular withdrawal plan (RWP) has also been included to allow for drawing a future additional income stream in retirement or to meet other life events such as education costs.

Meinel says “The new investment menu gives investors access to 11 of Australia’s premier Fund Managers, including many household names known for their individual area of expertise.”The 27 investment options provide the largest selection of low cost index funds in any Investment Bond in Australia. The LEB menu has 18 options with individual assets classes including cash, fixed interest, property, Infrastructure, Australian Shares and International Shares. This allows investors to build their own portfolio. There are also 9 “set and forget” options with a pre-mix of these asset classes for the conservative investor through to the high growth investor.