Much of the discussion in the lead-up to May 8’s federal Budget focused on the likelihood of personal tax cuts.

In his third Budget, Treasurer Scott Morrison didn’t disappoint, unveiling a new temporary tax offset and significant long-term movements in the marginal tax rates.

Coupled with the cancellation of the planned Medicare levy increase, these changes will see clients keep more of their taxable income in their pocket in future tax years.

Superannuation didn’t feel the glare of the spotlight as strongly as it has in previous Budgets. That said, a collection of smaller changes will still provide opportunities for clients, particularly those with Self Managed Super Funds.

Clients with small superannuation accounts should see their balances better protected although they will need to be proactive in order to keep any insurance they hold in their super fund.

A handful of minor changes to social security, estate planning and aged care were also announced. Each will affect a small section of financial planning clients, some in significant ways.

The proposals announced in the 2018/19 federal Budget are, on the whole, good news for financial planners and clients. They present opportunities to utilise a bit of extra cash-flow to help clients achieve their goals.

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