Annual Reports

Find the latest information on our strategy, financial and operating performance.


Five year strategy ratified

Focus purely on financial services.

Retirement villages

Completely exited from retirement villages.

Australian Friendly Society merger

Merger completed with an additional ~30,000 members and $160m of funds enjoying the KeyInvest experience.

Newly formed leadership team with CEO

Senior appointments made to support pursuit of strategic objectives.

New Purpose, Vision and Values

Refreshed to ensure KeyInvest is well positioned to support members and partners for years to come.

50% acquisition of Keystone Capital

Providing private credit opportunities to members and partners.

Financial performance shows strong growth trend

Anticipated growth over the next five years for the benefit of KeyInvest members.

Strong product ratings by Lonsec

Highly Recommended Life Events Bond and Approved Funeral Bond.[1]

Bonus interest declared

Reactivated for capital guaranteed Benefit Funds members and partners.

Adviser Portal

Launched financial adviser portal to modernise and improve user experience.