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Life Events Bond

The KeyInvest Life Events Bond is a low-cost[1] and tax-effective investment bond designed to assist with building and managing wealth through every stage of life.

Highly recommended by Lonsec with over 40 investment options and customisable features that offer greater control, flexibility and certainty, and are available with no additional cost.

*Ratings are only one factor to be taken into account when deciding to take out a financial product. Refer to the disclaimer below.[2]

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Managing your investment

The Life Events Bond is a low-cost Investment Bond[1] with distinct advantages and features to support financial planning in many scenarios.

10 Year Tax-Paid Rule

Fully tax-paid by KeyInvest after a 10-year period. No additional tax paid by the investor and nothing to report to the ATO.

30% Tax Rate

Taxed at the corporate tax rate of 30% which can be further reduced by tax credits.

125% Rule

Contribute up to 125% of the previous year’s contributions with no cap in the first year.

How does an investment bond work?


Investment bonds provide unique tax advantages that support a range of investment and financial planning scenarios.


The investment is fully tax-paid by the provider after a ten-year period with nothing to report to the ATO while invested or after ten years.

There are no withdrawal restrictions – funds are accessible anytime. If an investor withdraws funds before the end of the ten-year period, earnings (growth in the balance) will be assessed as income in the year of the withdrawal. A 30% tax-offset will apply to reduce tax already applied by the bond provider.

You can make changes, such as switch investment options, within the bond without breaking the ten-year rule and triggering a tax event.

Why choose an investment bond?


Investment bonds provide tax-effective solutions for scenarios ranging from estate planning, investing for high income earners, saving for children’s education or house deposit, as an alternative to superannuation or transition to retirement strategies.

Retirement Planning

Investment bonds offer a flexible alternative to superannuation without age restrictions, work test rules, or restrictions imposed by super.

Contribute any amount within the first year, and access funds before retirement age.

Estate Planning

Ideal for estate planning, investment bonds are paid out tax-free upon death and have no beneficiary restrictions. When beneficiaries are nominated, they become a non-estate asset, protected from wills & disputes[3]. The customisable features offer control and certainty in how the proceeds are paid or transferred.

Tax-smart Investing

With a tax rate of 30%, investment bonds offer a tax-effective way to build wealth when super contribution caps have been reached, or as a superannuation alternative that allows access before retirement age.

Investing for Children

Whether it’s for education or a house deposit, investment bonds are a great way to provide a head-start for younger generations. Leverage KeyPlanner’s flexible features to control how and when funds are transferred and accessible to beneficiaries.

Bequest to a Charity

Investment bonds do not have beneficiary restrictions which make them an ideal way to bequest to a charity. Where a beneficiary is nominated, they become a non-estate asset which means they are protected from will and estate disputes and are paid out tax-free upon death.[3]

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