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Benefits for your funeral business

The KeyInvest Funeral Bond offers a flexible way for your clients to pre-pay for the invaluable services you provide.

Build Long-term Client Relationships

Funeral bonds create a long-term financial relationship between a funeral director and the client. This ongoing connection can lead to additional business opportunities, such as providing other end-of-life services or serving the extended family. It fosters a sense of trust and loyalty, encouraging repeat business and referrals within the community.

Financial Stability

Funeral bonds provide a reliable future income stream for funeral directors. By offering prepaid funeral plans secured by a funeral bond, funeral homes can provide a high degree of certainty and financial stability to help with business planning and overall operational sustainability.

Competitive Advantage

Incorporating funeral bonds into service offerings can set a funeral business apart from its competitors. It demonstrates foresight and a commitment to providing clients with flexible and secure financial options. This competitive edge may attract clients looking for transparent and financially sound funeral arrangements.

Benefits for your clients

Ensure funds are available to provide the products and services your clients wish for while making it easier for their loved ones to grieve.

Financial Planning and Peace of Mind

Allow your customers to plan and pre-pay for their funeral expenses, providing financial security for their loved ones. This contributes to peace of mind knowing that their wishes are understood and financially covered.

Cost Certainty and Protection Against Inflation

By locking in the cost of funeral services at the time of purchase, customers shield themselves from the impact of inflation on future expenses. This ensures that the agreed-upon services will be provided without additional financial strain on the family when the funeral occurs.

Flexibility and Personalisation

Customers can specify their preferences, including the type of service, casket, and other arrangements. This customisation allows individuals to tailor their funeral plans to reflect their values and preferences, ensuring a more personalised and meaningful farewell.

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