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Wholesale Investing

Access wholesale investing opportunities through Keystone Capital.

Keystone Capital is a fund manager that specialises in the origination and management of loans secured by mortgages over real property assets across Australia.

Its Board of Directors, Senior Management, and the Credit Committee are comprised of highly regarded professionals with in excess of 200 years of combined expertise in property, banking, credit analysis, compliance and funds management.

Keystone Capital was partially acquired by KeyInvest in June of 2023 as part of a plan to support the unique financial needs of our customers by offering access to new investment opportunities.

Keystone Capital Funds

Keystone Capital has returned 100% of principal to investors since their inception in 2013.

Keystone Capital is the holder of Australian Financial Services License #439327 and currently manages two registered managed investment schemes:

Why Choose Private Credit?

Private credit remains a reliable asset class across economic cycles. It offers an appealing alternative to property investment due to its potential for consistent, predictable returns and a desire for higher yields, all while avoiding transaction costs.

Investing in private credit can provide wholesale investors with attractive benefits, including high yields, exposure to various industries, and diverse transaction opportunities. It allows investors to strike a balance between receiving immediate returns and potential capital gains.*

*Investing in Keystone Capital is available to wholesale investors. An investment in a private credit fund is not a bank deposit, and investors risk losing some or all of their principle investment. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

How the private credit industry works

Lenders engage in direct negotiations with brokers and borrowers, giving them more control over the terms and situations. They usually offer lower Loan-to-Value Ratios (LVRs) and implement specialised security arrangements tailored to meet the specific needs and risk profiles of both borrowers and lenders.

In addition, contributory mortgages are available through subscription, granting quick access to trending markets, with lenders having a track record of effective risk management, ensuring the safety of capital.

Supporting the unique needs of the mortgage industry


Australian communities are facing problems with housing affordability and access. The demand for housing is higher than the supply due to a growing population. Businesses in this sector need more investment to support housing-related projects.

Over the years, non-bank financiers have been filling the gap by offering investment opportunities to finance mortgages, bypassing traditional banks. This trend is expected to continue and grow as Australia grapples with a significant housing shortage.

If you’re interested in utilising private credit in your investment strategy, take a look at the Keystone Capital website or get in touch with them via their contact page.