KeyInvest for Financial Advisers

We recognise the importance of efficiency in the advice business and are dedicated to making it easier to spend more time with your clients.

Adviser options

Supporting the unique financial planning needs of your practice, your clients and their families and nurturing long-lasting relationships.

Our Adviser Portal


Our Adviser portal gives you access to submit new applications and review detailed policy information.

You can view balances, contribution limits, historical transactions, savings or withdrawal plans, BPAY details, and view nominated beneficiaries attached to your clients’ policies.

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Why KeyInvest

Member Owned

We’re an independent, member-owned mutual friendly society, formerly known as IOOF-SA.

Unique Tax Benefits

Governed by the Life Act, we provide investment solutions with unique tax treatment.

Flexibility & Control

We provide customisable features for a variety of situations.


We’re low-cost and feature rich. We don’t charge additional admin fees for additional features.

Personalised Care

We have a personal touch, caring deeply about our members and partners.

Quality & Performance

We’re committed to offering high-quality products that deliver exceptional outcomes.