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KeyInvest Life Events Bond

  • Future Value Calculator

    The Future Value Calculator allows you to estimate the the future value of your savings goal based on today's cost adjusted for annual inflation

  • Life Event Savings Calculator

    Estimate how much you need to save, over what term and at what interest rate to achieve your savings goal.

  • Regular Savings Calculator

    The Regular Savings calculator allows you to set a target savings goal and compares this to your projected goal based on the initial lump and savings plan amounty you enter. If you need further savings then the calculator suggests ways you can change your investment criteria to achieve your goal

  • Life Events Bond Regular withdrawal/savings Calculator

    The Life Events Regular Withdrawal /Savings Calculator projects your capacity to save for future monthly drawdowns to cover life events. The results will vary depending on the criteria you select.

Strategy Documents

For strategy documents for both the KeyInvest Funeral Bond and the Life Events Bond please phone KeyInvest’s Head of Investor Distribution, Tom Huntley on (08) 8213 1112 or 0460 033 158 or email

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