Life Events Bond

The KeyInvest Life Events Bond is a tax effective Investment designed to assist you in planning for life’s major events in a tax friendly and compliant investment structure. Your investment can be accessed at any time without restriction and may be an ideal solution for:

  • Tax effective wealth accumulation.
  • An alternative or complementary strategy to superannuation.
  • Non super transition to retirement.
  • Estate planning.
  • Intergenerational transfer of wealth.
  • Protection of Business Assets for the self-employed.
  • Investing for a minor.
  • May assist in eligibility for Seniors Health Care Card.

Benefits of the KeyInvest Life Events Bond

Tax effective

  • Investment earnings are taxed (internally & not in the hands of the investor) at a maximum rate of 30%, which may be further reduced by tax credits.
  • No tax to pay on investment earnings while you remain invested, therefore nothing to report to the ATO each year.
  • Fully tax paid after the 10-year period.
  • Regular/withdrawals are permitted and
  • Receive a valuable 30% tax offset from the ATO, reducing tax payable on withdrawals made during the 10 year period.
  • No Capital Gains Tax when switching between investment options or transferring ownership to another.
  • Ability to increase contributions by up to 125% per year and still maintain eligibility for the ten-year tax paid rule.

Simplicity and ease of use

  • Start with as little as $500 and save monthly from $50.
  • A set and forget investment that can be put in place for a specific future life event.
  • Investment earnings are not declared in a personal tax return while you remain invested for the 10 year period.
  • Reduce paperwork. There is no need to track things like Capital Gains Tax, dividend payments and imputation credits on annual tax returns.
  • No preservation, work test rules or the same restrictions imposed on Super.

Flexibility and choice

  • Access to a wide range of Investment Managers across all of the various asset classes.
  • Funds can be used for any purpose.
  • Switch between investment options at any time without triggering a Capital Gains Tax event.
  • Full control and access to your funds at any time.
  • Transfer of ownership is possible with no CGT implications or ‘re-set’ of the 10 year tax rule.

Peace of Mind in Estate Planning

  • Nominated beneficiaries receive funds at death, tax free, regardless of the relationship and how long the Bond has been in place.
  • Where Beneficiaries have been nominated proceeds do not form part of the Estate*, avoiding the costs and time delays associated with probate.
  • Beneficiary nominations are binding and do not need to be constantly renewed.
  • Ability to transfer the investment to a nominated child on the age you select. Note: must be between ages 10 – 25.

*Notional Estate Rules apply in NSW

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