New Financial Year Changes – #13

The new financial year always brings change, and 2019/20 is one of the more dynamic in recent times. An array of rates and thresholds have moved, but the first week of this July brings more than just incremental changes. A number of rules affecting the clients of financial planners are markedly different in the new financial year. This month there are a dozen of these changes that planners need to know about;

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KeyInvest updates the Life Events Bond

Significant enhancements have been made to the Life Events Bond (LEB) including increasing the investment choice to 27 investment options from the current 8 options.

Andrew Meinel General Manager Financial Services says “KeyInvest has responded to client and financial adviser feedback and given the LEB a significant overhaul to improve client outcomes”. The changes include making automatic increases to regular savings plans (RSPs) available to make sure RSPs keep pace with inflation or to maximise the tax benefits under the 125% rule.

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