Funeral Bond – Centrelink Exempt Limit Amount Increased To $14,000

On 1/7/22, the Federal Government increased the Centrelink ‘exempt’ limit amount on Funeral Bonds to $14,000 for the FY 2022/23.

Existing or new Funeral Bond holders can now have up to $14,000 contributions per person invested in a Funeral Bond and this amount will be exempt from both the Asset and the Income test, for Centrelink Age pension purposes. Conditions apply, …

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Tax Paid Bonds

As an Adviser, are you looking for Estate Planning solutions for your clients? Di Ranger, National Sales Manager, Financial Services at KeyInvest, gives an overview of just how simple & effective Tax Paid Bonds can be in this space.

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Exempt Asset Limit remains unchanged at $13,500

From 1 July 2021 the Funeral Bond exempt asset limit remained at $13,500. Funeral Bond holders can have up to $13,500 of contributions in a Funeral Bond and the whole balance is exempt from the Age Pension asset and income tests. Conditions do apply, so contact KeyInvest or Centrelink for more information.

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