KeyInvest was proud to be a sponsor of the Future2 Wheel Classic 2022. Between April 1st and April 6th, participants cycled 900km’s and climbed over 11,500m (more than Everest). More than $64,623 was raised to help young Australians aged between 12 and 25 years who are experiencing social, financial or physical hardship.

Future2 is the foundation of the Australian Financial Planning Association which aims to raise money to young Australians in need. Since 2007, Future2 has committed $1.5m in grants to grassroots programs. Future2 fund projects that contribute to skills training, financial literacy, work experience, community service, mentoring and much more. The Wheel Classic is one of Future2’s fund raisers and has traditionally been a physical event held in one specific location. KeyInvest are proud to be a sponsor the Future2 Ultimate Hiking Challenge in November which will challenge participants as they navigate the Blue Mountains with some military style training thrown in (for fun!).